Top tips you need right now

Everybody knows that a virtual studio is absolutely the way forward.

Right? Right.

We've said this until we're blue in the face, and frankly, if you don't think that a virtual studio is important, you're running the risk of not being here in six months' time.

Now, we're not saying that to give anyone The Fear, but if you're a bricks and mortar gym, a fitness business, or have a wellness studio, it's vital that you have a digital offering of some kind.

There are multiple different options, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. So where (and how!) do you get started?

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Virtual studio woes weighing you down? We can help!

5 tips to help you make virtual work for you

A quick word of encouragement - people who do online classes are just as just as engaged with you as people who come into your physical space, and move there.

94% of people who've used the virtual studio counterpart to their fave in-person gym say they'll keep doing online classes, even as lockdown lifts.

That means that any time and effort you invest in now will not only help you weather the C-19 storm, it'll actually set you up for long-term success.

We have five really great tips to help you connect with your members. Read on to find out what they are.

The first? Your virtual studio content does not have to be perfect.

First up - of course you want to do the best you can! We know you're going to put the same detail and dedication into every piece of digital content that you create, as you would for an in-person class.

From yoga flows to full-body Zumba-thons or a personal training session, you do this work because it means something to you and you want to give it your all.

It makes sense that you want to do the same thing for your online content, but at some point, it's better to get started, than it is to get it perfect. Remember - best does not equal perfect!

Now that being said, we don't want you to bash out substandard content and call it good! What we do want is to help you find content that works for you, and keeps your members coming back more.

When you're asking 'Is this good enough?' try these questions on for size.

Will this help them stay motivated? Can they do this safely? Is this workout is engaging? Is it effective? Will people feel like they're part of something important to them?

As long as what you do is answering 'yes' to some of those questions, you're good to go.

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Gyms are set to make just 63% of of 2019's revenue this year, due to C-19.

Secondly - make this work work for you.

Find a structure that works really well for you.

The good bit of 'good enough' content is that you don't have to have it all figured out perfectly!

We wrote an accessible fitness filming guide to help you create really professional-looking videos on a budget. You'll notice that we haven't said that you need to have ridiculously hardcore professional editing or buy stupidly expensive equipment.

Find a way of capturing content that suits you, your personality and your students, as well as your schedule, and you'll find that creating video classes that much easier.

Third - think like the movies!

No, we haven't lost our minds - hopping from home videos to silver screens in a single sentence.

Instead, in order to keep people engaged, we would recommend that you make quick teasers of your content! Think about when you're going to the movies, and you catch a trailer for some upcoming releases that get you all excited.

You should do the same thing with your classes! Catch some quick clips during a session, weave them together with a video editor, and boom - job done. Share on social for instant engagement.

Need a little inspiration? We've got you covered. Check out this post for a great example of teaser content.

Number four - know your niche.

We're never told to think inside the box, are we? But actually, when it comes to niching, that's the best thing you can do.

What we mean here is that you should use what you've got at hand. If you have a really engaged community on Facebook, go and promote your stuff there! If you have a really engaged community on Instagram, go and put your stuff there.

Choose one channel and focus your efforts there. You'll be more likely to see engagement increase, and it'll feel less like posting into the void. That means you're not going to feel the need to use every single tool under the sun, which helps you prioritise getting good stuff done in the time that you do have.

Have members that have dropped off the radar, but you've got their email addresses? It's OK to drop them a gentle email, just to check in and see if everything's okay.

People like feeling special, so personalise it, and keep it light.

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Indoor cycling has seen a huge boom in virtual studios bringing spin to folks in their sitting rooms.

Lastly? Make it easy.

No, not the workout, don't worry!

What we mean is that you've got to make sure your stuff is easy to find.

Got a 10 minute ab class? Don't call it the 'Trunk Burner 5000'. Make your workouts easy to interpret at a glance.

If superlative workout titles are your jam, power to you (Ab Ripper X is famous for a reason...) - but make sure that your workouts are easy to find, easy to understand, and easy to get stuck into.

At Fettle, we've designed really user-friendly platforms, to help you get the most out of a digital offering. From umbrella categories to simple labelling tools, we help your clients find what they're looking for, fast.

Over to you. Have you got a virtual studio set up yet?

Are you thinking about getting one? Can we help? Book your free demo now, no obligations, no pressure.

Looking for more tips? Check out our post on Online Coaching Success, to help you really nail the digital game.