Learning yoga poses at home
Working out at home has some serious hidden advantages!

With lockdown in full effect, home workouts have become the ‘new normal’ these past few months.  

Along with it, there’s been an undeniable shift in people’s perceptions of just what is achievable when there’s no access to fitness facilities and having little (or no!) equipment to utilise.

Home workouts have often been seen as a last resort, more a way to keep things ticking over, rather than a viable way to make progress in your fitness.

Now though? That’s all beginning to change.

It’s no longer a choice of go hard or go home, but simply, go hard, at home.

With the help of fitness professional across the globe, sharing their living room and garden-based workouts online, people are starting to realise the advantages of getting fit in the “comfort” of their own homes. We’ve compiled our top 7 to share with you, so you can share it with your clients and communities!

1. Home workouts are time efficient

One of the most valuable resources we have is time, and with home workouts, we’ve been saving a whole lot of it recently.  

No longer do you have to waste valuable time packing a gym bag…sitting in traffic…searching for a parking space…waiting around for equipment or hoping there’s a shower free, so you can get out of your sweaty kit as soon as possible.

At home, you just fill up your water bottle and you’re ready to smash out your workout in record time. 

2. No judgement or social pressures 

Low self-esteem can affect anyone when exercising in a public space and it’s often a real hindrance.

For people who want to up their fitness goals or try new exercises, fear of looking “silly” can hold them back.

In your own home however, there’s no such social pressures. You can experiment with exercises and workouts at a pace that suits you, without feeling judged (except from your pet, maybe).

3. Your body is a great piece of “equipment”

It’s easy to believe we need access to the latest fitness equipment to get results.

We often forget that our own body, in and of itself, is also a terrific piece of “equipment”. It gives us access to endless variations of effective exercises.

In fact, a study by The American College of Sports Medicine's Health and Fitness Journal discovered that bodyweight workouts are an efficient way to lower body fat, improve VO2 max and increase muscular fitness.

4.The world is your playground

The great thing about home workouts is that they can be done anywhere.

They don’t have to be confined to the indoors! When you realise your health doesn’t rely on a dedicated health or fitness facility, the world becomes your playground.

Simply move your workout out into the garden, take it further afield to the local park, or try a run around town.

We think that beats staring at a blank wall whilst on the treadmill any day of the week.

5. Be part of a community

Fitness brings people together like nothing else. Training at home doesn’t mean you have to give up that sense of community and belonging!

You can connect with people online, with the same fitness interests, from all over the world.

Keep it closer to home and set virtual challenges with your friends, or meet up, for a partner run or workout (keeping to social distancing rules, of course).

Online, you can also have access to your favourite instructors, studios and coaches, to help guide your fitness journey year-round.  

6. More flexible

We’re not talking yoga here (although that is a great home workout choice). Instead, let's consider the flexibility that you get from being able to work out - whenever you want.

No more are the days when the only training you could do was when your on or off-peak membership permitted, or in one hour blocks.  

Now you can train whenever you want, with the freedom to split up your workouts throughout the day.

7. Back to basics

With all training facilities closed, we’ve been forced to go ‘back to basics’ with our training. Despite potentially being perceived as a setback, we think it’s actually a blessing in disguise.

You can use this time to remaster the basics of training that you might have previously overlooked.

Think handstand holds, pull ups, planks, press ups, unilateral work! You can take the time to stretch and improve your mobility.

Focus on these and you’ll come out the other side of lockdown with an even stronger physical foundation.   

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