Kettlebells in the garden

How do we keep clients safe in a post-lockdown world?! Thiis week brings the good news that further lockdown restrictions are lifted across the nation, come 4th July!

We’ll be able to head back to our favourite pubs, restaurants, cinemas and hairdressers.

There’s just one little downside. 

Fitness facilities still aren't given the green light. 


Well, your guess is as good as ours. 

Whilst we can’t get back to normal coaching or training routines quite yet, we have more time to swot up on training clients safely. 

We’ve done some research and reading, to share some of our tips to help keep everyone safe.

Let's make sure you hit the ground running when that long-awaited announcement is finally made. 

Keep it clean!

Hand sanitiser

So, we’re assuming that you don’t need to be told the importance of washing your hands, right? 

That’s pretty basic level stuff for trainers who want to keep clients safe.

With that said, coming out of a global pandemic does require us to be a little more scrupulous with our hygiene levels! This obviously means undertaking a few practices that may seem OTT in more normal circumstances. 

If you train clients at a gym, fitness facility or studio, then there should be hand sanitising stations located throughout. 

Before and after you touch any equipment, make sure you and your client pay a visit to one of them. 

Alongside that, supply clients or staff with cleaning equipment to wipe down any kit (again, this is to be done before and after each use). A couple of sprays of disinfectant and a quick (but thorough!) wipe should do the trick.  

Make sure you wear a face mask. Potentially mandated in some spaces, masks help minimise any air-borne nasties. 

If you train clients from a private studio, making sure all the above measures are in place will have your sessions meeting the government's health guidelines. 

Keep your distance.

Social distancing sign on floor

Whilst social distancing measures have been eased up in some parts, maintaining a safe distance is an essential way to keep clients safe.

Facilities are working hard to rearrange their equipment and space to allow for 2 metres space at all times. This way, it's easier to meet social distancing protocols when you return. 

Despite this, we still need to stay clear of group classes for the time being. Avoid pre- and post-workout catch-ups, too - so people don't clog up your gym!

It’s going to be a case of get in, work out, and get out. Which honestly, isn't a bad training ideology to try in any case!

Explore the great outdoors.

Outdoor stretching

Whilst training indoors is still off the table at the time of writing, training your clients out in the fresh air has been OK'd.

We may be being a bit optimistic with “explore” however, as you still need to keep to your local area. 

Although training outdoors is safer, keeping a safe distance from each other is essential. That means the likes of boxing pad drills is still a no-go. This is unfortunate, as it's a great way to help clients release some of the lockdown stress we’re all feeling!

The good news is that pretty much anything else goes. 

So grab a set of dumbbells, load up the barbell, programme in some burpees! Get your clients down to the local park for some one-on-one fun. 

Just remember to follow the hygiene guidelines from above, okay? Super!  

Move it online.

Indoor yoga

A global pandemic was always going to throw a spanner in the works, to say the least. 

The fitness industry however has shown incredible fortitude and resilience from day one of lockdown and continues to do so. 

There’s been great ingenuity in coming up with practical training solutions. One of the most successful is, of course, transitioning to coaching clients online. 

With an online streaming platform, you can continue to train your current clients virtually. It also helps reach new clients worldwide. 

You won't have to restrict yourself to just training one person at a time either! Choose a tool that's set up for live streaming, so that broadcasting classes to all your clients simultaneously is easy-peasy.

If you already have an online presence, no matter the size, it can prove an easy transition to a digital platform - and the hybrid model can make the difference between swimming and sinking.

If nothing else, moving your business online could save you cleaning a barbell all day!

That's got to be a good thing!

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