How it works

Take your practice online.

Imagine a content sharing and management system that was built with you in mind. Well, that’s exactly what we do. Fettle is a full-service platform dedicated for wellness, life-coaching or fitness instructors including,

  • A content management system for you, the instructor.
  • A website and apps for your customers, the students.   

If you want to create and sell online courses, teach yoga online or live stream your wellness videos. Fettle is the online video platform for you.

Monetise your site

Live stream your classes.

We’ve made sharing live content a dream! With Fettle you can,

  • Schedule live classes and notify your users.
  • Check attendance and follow up with reminders.
  • Automatically ensure all attendees have paid for the class, it is built into the system.
  • Broadcast from your cms directly to their laptop, mobile, or TV. 

Simple Payment

Receive payment directly through the service. We give you the flexibility to create plans and set your prices. Allowing your students to,

  • Pay per class.

  • Set up a monthly subscription.

  • Take advantage of free trials and offers.


Your platform, your brand, your content.

Your brand is everything, and your Fettle platform is just that - yours. We build it the way you like, so you can brand it the way you want to and so the platform becomes a natural part of your business. 

Better yet, all the functions are customisable too - so your platform reflects everything you have to offer, from strength programmes,  to blogs and nutrition plans.

Claudia Clarke homepage

How about video on demand?

Create and upload your own video and audio classes and offer them to your subscribers. Fettle allows you to create your own classes, courses, programmes and targets for your students. 

Our system allows you to quickly generate metadata, create categories and organise your content into a stunning looking studio content app. 


Analyse results and improve your output.

Keep track of subscribers, find out what content is most popular, what is being watched and rewatched, what is being ditched, how its being consumed and in what way. Find out just when live classes are being attended and when to set a reminder. This allows you to tailor your service as you grow.

Advanced Analytics

Grow your business

Launching a service with Fettle is just the start. We will help you to unleash the powers of online fitness.

  • Expand into new territories.

  • Reach new customers in new locations around the world.

  • Boost and diversify your income streams.

  • Integrate and innovate with the latest tech.

  • Stay ahead of industry trends.

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