What does Fettle really do?

Hey friends! We’ve seen lots of new people pop up on our Fettle insta-feed and Facebook page, and we wanted to introduce ourselves (and our fitness apps!) properly. 

Fettle dashboard
You create the content, Fettle creates the platform.

We’re Fettle, and we’re really good at a few things:

  • Making phenomenal technology for health, fitness and wellness businesses
  • Making live stream and video on demand (VOD) work like a charm for you
  • Eating lots of snacks*

But you fancy a little bit more info? Sure thing. Here’s the lowdown on exactly what we do.

What is Fettle?

Fettle is a white label studio content streaming fitness app for the health and wellness industry. That means we make the tech - and you add the content! 

You’re already crushing this for your clients on social media or via Zoom, but Fettle offers something truly unique - a streamlined toolkit that builds you a bespoke subscription service for your customers at a fraction of the cost you’d normally pay for your very own app. 

Fettle on mobile and desktop
What's that? Your very own branded fitness apps? Well...yeah!

Who is Fettle for?

We’re here for anyone who creates online content for the health and fitness industry. 

From Youtubers to IGTV Queen Bees, large fitness programmes or gyms looking to provide an online offering - or a solo instructor looking to make their mark, Fettle welcomes all. 

Whether it’s yoga, pilates, aerobics, body pump, CrossFit, dancercise, barre, circuits, HIIT, gymnastics, spin, Fusion, Tai Chi, rowing, boxing - or anything else at all, we provide you with a fully customisable platform, so you can take your brand online. 

Instructor uploading content
Upload home workout videos for your clients with ease.

Is Fettle just about video?

Yes...and no! 

Our service is focused on the management of video and audio content, and by putting it at the forefront of your customers' experience, Fettle creates modern, studio content fitness apps. That means high-quality video and audio are essential, and treated as such. However, we do all sorts of other awesome things - like offer blog capabilities, articles, forums, and success trackers - so your clients are getting the best experience possible.

What do my clients and customers get in an app like this?

They get to see you, and your awesome service. We are a true white-label - so when a customer downloads an app with your content, they download an app that’s all yours - without any adverts, distractions, or diversions. 

Downloading cotent
Clients can download your easy-to-use app and get moving in moments.

Who owns the content?

You do. 

When you sign up with Fettle, your content rights always remain in your own hands. We may ask as part of our partnership agreement, for you to provide a certain amount of exclusive content but even then, that content belongs to you.

Any burning questions or queries? Get in touch! You’ll make our day!

Be sure to check out our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram too, for workouts, great chat, and inspiration.

*(No, really. Our marketing department needs an intervention.)