What is Fettle?

Fettle is a white label studio content streaming app for the health and fitness industry. We provide a tool kit to quickly build a subscription service for online instruction in wellness, fitness or lifestyle.

Who is Fettle for?

Anyone who creates online content for the health and fitness industry. Be it Youtubers or Twitch stars. Large fitness programmes or Gyms looking to provide an online offering. The range of disciplines is unlimited. Yoga, Pilates, Aerobics, Body Pump, Cross Fit, Dancercise, Boot Camp, Circuit, Barre, Kettle Bells, HiiT, Gymnastics, Spin, Fusion, Tai chi, Jumping, Boxercise, Rowing.

Whatever programme you want to take to your users Fettle provides you a platform to do so quickly.

Is Fettle just about video?

Yes and No. Our service heavily focuses on the management of video and audio content. Putting it at the forefront of your customers' experience. Fettle aims to create for you a modern studio content app, which means video and audio are essential and treated as core value. However we do provide features for you to create text or image based articles to augment the customer experience.

I want something more bespoke?

If you are looking to build a health and fitness app based around your video or audio content, then we can help. Please contact us to discus our Enterprise option which will allow you to harness much of the power of Fettle but with a lot more flexibility in regards to the features and pricing/revenue model. 

What do our customers get?

They get to see YOUR service. We are a true white-label and so when a customer downloads an app with your content, they download YOUR app. We remain firmly in the background. Your domain, your emails, and your branding is all yours. You can choose to link Fettle to your existing website or run it independently. We also give you the option to create native apps for mobile or TV.

Who owns the content?

You do. When you sign up with Fettle, your content rights always remain in your own hands. We may ask, as part of our client agreement, for you to provide a certain amount of exclusive content but even then, that content belongs to you.


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