Why become an early adopter?

Building a connected fitness service through a software agency could cost you a six figure sum.

Even once you get there, you won’t have a service like this.

Multi modal design for your clients
Fettle is like rocket fuel

Using Fettle is like adding rocket fuel to your content.

As partners we will give you the features and integrations no software agency can. We will help put you on platforms which give you the best leverage to reach new customers.

We will help you integrate with wearables and smart devices, we will give you all the best advantages of AI and we will give you a mechanism to introduce multi-modal content to your users.

Your service will evolve as the technology does. As you focus on creating great content, we will focus on new ways to bring that content alive.

As an early adopter, you will be immediately on-boarded onto the Fettle platform.

You can start to upload content and start playing around with the features. When and how you introduce the service to your customers is up to you. 
You will be given a privileged say on the features and functionality you want to see prioritised and have the pleasure of seeing your suggestions materialise. It’s like having a concierge group of software developers working just for you.
Fettle - Runner
Our AI will analyse your content

What's the catch?

All we want is the ability to pick your brain.

We will ask you occasionally for feedback about the service so we can find out how we can build a better product.

And as an early adopter we promise you no upfront payment until April 21.

How do I qualify?

To be a Fettle 'early adopter', you need to be a content creator with something to say in fitness, health or lifestyle. You should have an existing portfolio of video or audio content or be looking to create one. Just put your details in the form below and we will get back to you.

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Become an Early Adopter

We can give you the power to further reach new and existing clients.