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A mission to enable  fitness and wellness instructors.

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The company was established in 2015 by founders Maredudd Ap Gwyndaf and Alex Urquhart. Originally conceived as a Yoga app called ‘Zing’, the decision was made early to broaden the scope to include all kinds of health and fitness content.

Later down the line another big decision was taken, we decided to stop focusing on content altogether and concentrate on just creating great technology. We felt this was a good move with so many great fitness and wellness instructors out there producing fantastic videos but without the means to showcase them to the world. We felt there was a space to be filled and so we would focus on producing a toolkit and leave the content to the experts.

With a background in video and streaming technologies the founders of Fettle wanted to put the focus on the big screen. TV is the ideal medium for instruction in the home, take away the coffee table and you have an instant home studio. We looked for ways to improve and augment this experience. 

Along the way we got interested in AI and deep learning. Fettle has been exploring ways in which we can improve the online instruction experience using these techniques. We don’t want to stop there. AI, VR, wearables, gamification, multi-modal - it seems like all new technologies have converged in the health and fitness space. 

In 2019 ‘Zing’ became Fettle. We moved into our offices at Codebase Stirling and set about building the next generation of fitness studio content apps.

Since the Coronavirus hit, we have switched focus to Live Streaming. Based on feedback from studios and instructors. There was no simple yet comprehensive solution to streaming classes, managing attendance and collecting payment. So we went ahead and built one.

For wellness or fitness professionals that want to teach yoga online, build classes or courses, live stream or build an on-demand library. Fettle is the way to go. Find out more.


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